Family Ministries

The ministry of the family life coordinator is vital to accomplish the mission of Park Hill SDA.

  • Reaching the community.
    • A  healthy church discover the kinds of people who live in the area and understand the needs of the people, so we can provide activities designed to  meet their needs and create a strong public awareness of  the church. How do we do this?
      • Winning people to Christ. Establishing meaningful relationships with those attracted to Christ. How?
        • Nurturing the Members at Park Hill. How do we get members motivated? lf we area healthy church we need to provide for the continuing spiritual growth of all members through enthusiastic worship, interesting Bible study, supportive friendship, and opportunities for service.
  • Inspiring Leadership. We need pastoral and lay leaders that help the congregation to identify the needs in the church and the community, clarify goals, gather the necessary resources and implement effective action.

The ministries of the Family Life Ministry:

  • Seniors Ministry
  • Couple’s Ministry
  • Single Ministry
  • Socialites Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry

The major function of the Family Life/Family Ministry is to coordinate a Needs Assessments.Meaning surveying the needs of families around the church

Program Development:
Meaning working with other church leaders to implement family life programs

This is not a one person assignments, Family Ministry is about relationship and helping people learn to be Christ like in their relationship

Family Advocate:
Again, sit on the church board and represent the needs and concerns of family life. We as people and church members get caught up in the organizational and financial issues of the church and forget about people trying to live out their faith together. Also when church members are struggling with problems at home with Spouse, children… illness we need to make members of the church and make family life a real priority in all that the church does.

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